"Learning to Be Kind and Understand Differences"
A book for children
by Magination Press.

"Learning to Feel Good and Stay Cool"
A book for children
by Magination Press.

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I am a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience helping children and their parents overcome emotional and educational challenges.

Children are referred to me by doctors, teachers or other therapists because they are struggling with anxiety, anger or sadness or because they are struggling in school. Parents often feel confused and upset by the problems experienced by their child.

There are many ways I assist families in these situations. I begin by meeting with parents alone to learn about the current problems and about the child's history. Together we decide on the next steps. I can conduct a school observation in order to get information about the child's behavior in school. Or I can perform a psychological evaluation, in which standardized test data is used to learn about a child's strengths and weaknesses. A third possiblity is that I meet with the child a few times just to talk and listen. After I have accumulated information in one of these ways, I then meet with parents again to provide feedback and to discuss a plan of action.

To learn more about some of the issues I work with, click on the "Common Issues" tab in the menu on this web page.

Once we identify the nature of your child's strengths and weaknesses, we can work together to build on the strengths.

Contact me at jmglasser@judithglasser.com to schedule an appointment.

Thank you,
Dr. Glasser

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"Learning to be Kind, Understand Differences and
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